Donate a Virtual Candle or Virtual Flower Bouquet for the Virgin of Guadalupe

Light a Virtual Candle or donate a Flower Bouquet for this year's Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You can donate $5, $10, $20, or a donation of your choice. Names of your intentions are going to be written and published here on our website. Click here to donate

Virgen de Guadalupe
Virtual Flowers

Donor: Jo Anne Silva
Intention: For my sweet and kind Nephew Ernesto Verela Jr. Happy birthday and god bless you!!!

Virtual Candle

Donor: Maria Rocha Tovar
Intención: Enrique Rocha, Marta Tovar, Raul Tovar, Ramon Duque, Antonio Duque, Antonio Tovar, Maria Elvira Duque

Virtual Candle

Donor: Andrea Kenny
Intention: Malinowski and Rakovan Family

Virtual Candle

Donor: Monica Rodriguez
Intention: Familia Velázquez/Rodríguez/Moon

Virtual Candle

Donor: Olga Madera
Intención: Por el eterno descanso de Daniel Madera Flores y Olga Jaramillo de Madera

Virtual Candle

Donor:Maria Perez
Intention: Por toda mi familia especial por mis papás para que la virgencita nos siga llenando de bendiciones.

Virtual Candle

Donor: Maria Ruiz
Intention: En agradecimiento David Ruiz y familia

Virtual Candle

Donor: Denise Rodriguez
Intention: Juan "Bonini" Murillo

Virtual Candle

Donor: Sandra Cortinas
Intention: For the Cortinas Family

Virtual Candle

Donor:Kay and Charles Knox
Intention: For Wait in Joyful Hope

Virtual Flowers

Donor: Maria Meza
Intention:Gracias por todas tus bendiciones. Cuida y protege de mi familia siempre. Familia Meza, Familia Prado.

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre
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Cinque Terre
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