Speaking salomon brand should first talk about his history, salomon salomon company in 1947 by Mr. create a family of three in France, initially producing snowboard binding started, to 70 years in this field has been in a leadership position. For many ski enthusiasts, salomon should be a very familiar brand it.

1997 adidas salomon acquired company and formed a group called "adidas-salomon", the same year was acquired into the "adidas-salomon" Group brands TaylorMade, Mavic and Bonfire, 2002 the famous Canadian brand arc'teryx salomon mens shoes the Group also entered. I remember reading a file about adidas running shoes technology programs on television, which comes adidas acquisition salomon has a big reason is the hard bottom salomon fancy technology, which is the company with the NIKE Air technology is completely different style technology, we can see salomon technical strength in the soles.

To talk salomon outdoor shoes so several things necessary under mention, first contagrip outsole, and later improved to be called contagrip 2, but collectively or contagrip. Salomon's own argument is: we put the right rubber in the right place to give you maximum traction and durability. Now all the salomon outdoor shoe soles, you could see written contagrip, he represents the best combination of one kind of non-slip and abrasion outsole. The second things is clima dry, which is a similar gore-tex products, it is with a small white logo at the upper point (like gore-tex plate size) on the embroidered words clima dry. A few years ago, about 99 years or so there is a lot of hiking boots with a salomon womens shoes clima dry, and often have a shoe with two versions of clima dry and gore-tex, but in recent years, essentially no see on salomon shoes again useful, replaced the full use of gore-tex. In recent years, the only pair with clima dry protrek5 series which is a pair of hiking boots.

Then you focus on the domestic outdoor enthusiasts talk about more practical things, and that is this special market in China can be seen salomon shoes and which evolve. Due to special reasons, I remember the Chinese market should be around 98, 99 years of non-formal channels began to emerge out of the salomon shoes. The earliest are some light hikeing shoes, mostly low to help, more models, my first pair of salomon is the time to buy, low to help.

Come talk there have been several domestic double salomon series of mountaineering shoes. salomon mountaineering shoes should also first began to appear around 2002 in the domestic market, Pro ice these shoes is the earliest, and it is now a lot of climbing enthusiasts in the country to use a pair of shoes. Single leather boots, warm materials using thinsulate, pu midsole contagrip outsole, you can use the full card crampons. Pro thermic double salomon shoes sale leather boots, which is rare double boots used in leather shoes, filled with 200g thinsulate warm materials, pu midsole contagrip outsole, you can use the full card crampons. This pair of shoes is very good thermal performance, the boots using a layer of reflective silver layer to heat the boots tightened using Quickfit system, a pull on tight, this is very convenient especially at high altitudes. Than double plastic boots ankle Department to be flexible.