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Marriage Information

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for considering the Cathedral as a venue for your wedding mass.

As you plan your wedding, please make note of the following requirements:



  1. You do not have to be members of the Cathedral, but at least one of you must be a registered member of a Catholic parish. We will need a letter from your parish confirming membership and granting permission to marry at the Cathedral.
  2. All couples are required to take an online FOCCUS survey. There is a $30.00 processing fee per couple. Click on the link to open the FOCCUS information sheet. Print the completed sheet and bring it to the Cathedral office with your $30.00 payment (cash, check, or credit card). After you have completed the FOCCUS survey, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to review the results. It is after this review that you all may register for a marriage preparation class.

    Foccus Survey Form PDF

  3. Once the couple has completed a marriage preparation class, either through the Diocese or with one of our own Sponsor Couples, they will need to contact the Cathedral to schedule an appointment to begin the paperwork for their marriage.
  4. Class registration forms:

    Engage Encounter – For couples discerning marriage in the Catholic Church.
    Living your Marriage as a Sacrament – For couples married civily only, or living together more than one year.

  5. A wedding date will be reserved once you have begun the paperwork process mentioned in step #3.
  6. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required to reserve your wedding date & time. From the date the deposit is paid, you have 30 days to pay the remaining balance.
  7. Each of you must provide a witness that has known you since early adolescence. A witness may be a family member or friend. Siblings must be older siblings. If the witnesses cannot accompany you to the appointment you must provide a contact telephone number and name of each witness so that we may conduct their declaration by telephone.
  8. You must contact Erika Martinez to schedule all appointments. You may reach her by phone at 469-329-6239 or by email at
  9. Weddings take place at the Cathedral on Saturdays at 11:00am, 1:00pm, & 3:00pm.
  10. No bride’s room or dressing area is available for the wedding party.

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  • Baptismal Certificates

    The Catholic party (or parties) must present a baptismal certificate. It may be secured from the original church of baptism and should have been issued within the last 6 months. Xerox copies are not accepted.

  • Affidavit of Free Status

    The priest or his delegate will need to personally interview a witness for the bride and a witness for the groom. A witness is usually a parent, sibling, cousin, or friend who has known the party at least 10 years. The witness will be asked to swear under oath that the party has never been married before. A meeting with the priest or delegate should be scheduled as soon as the witnesses have been obtained.

  • Marriage Preparation Certificate

    All couples must attend a marriage preparation program and present a certificate of completion. English-speaking couples can attend the Engaged Encounter Weekend, which is offered through the Marriage Ministries Office of the Diocese of Dallas. For registration information, call the office at (214) 528-2360.

  • Pre-Nuptial Form

    The priest or delegate will prepare the pre-nuptial form with the couple. This is usually done during the first meeting with the priest or delegate.

  • Marriage License

    The couple must secure a marriage license from the Records Building, 509 Main Street, Room 201, (214) 653-7559 or (214) 653-7131, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You must wait 72 hours from the time you get the license until the actual wedding. The wedding must take place no later than 90 days after the issuance of the marriage license. We recommend that couples obtain their marriage license 2 – 3 weeks before the wedding day and bring it to the office immediately. The cost is $88.00 in cash and the couple must present a valid Texas driver’s license or certified copy of birth certificate and social security number. No blood test is required.

    Unlike the custom in Mexico, DO NOT marry civilly before a justice of the peace at the courthouse. Simply obtain the license from the Records Building. The priest and deacon are authorized by the State to sign the civil license after the wedding ceremony in the church. The marriage license should be brought to the Cathedral Office immediately after obtaining it from the courthouse. The wedding ceremony cannot begin without the marriage license.

    All documents must be submitted at least one month before the wedding.

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  • Bride/Groom
  • Recent Copy of Baptismal Certificate – Bride____ Groom____
  • Affidavits of Freedom from parents/relatives – Bride____ Groom____
  • Pre-nuptial form – Bride____ Groom____
  • Marriage Preparation Classes–date & time _______________________
  • Appointment with priest________________________________________
  • Contacted Wedding Music Coordinator and planned music?_____
  • Marriage preparation certificate of attendance?_____
  • Did you take marriage license to the church office?_____
  • Paid fees? Church_____, Musicians_____, FOCCUS _______, Clergy _________
  • Rehearsal date and time? ____________________________________
  • Rehearsal Coordinator: Rosario “Chayo” Ruiz:, 214-871-1362 Ext. 50

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  • Clergy

    To reserve a wedding date and time, the couple must schedule an initial interview with a Cathedral priest or deacon by contacting the Administrative Assistant to the Clergy at (214) 871-1362 ext. 39. A $300.00 non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of the initial interview.

  • Music

    Fees for music are as follows:

    Organist $ 250.00
    Cantor/Vocalist $ 150.00
    Mariachi $ 500.00

    Other instrumentalists
    (trumpet, violin, flute, etc.) $ 150.00 to $ 200.00

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    Bride and bridesmaid gowns should have covered shoulders. Strapless gowns, or those with spaghetti straps, are only appropriate with a jacket. No bare shoulders are allowed. Bearing in mind that the wedding ceremony is a sacrament, the bride and bridesmaids should ensure that their attire respects the solemnity of the ceremony. (Gowns with excessively low backs or fronts are not acceptable.). The Cathedral has cover-ups that must be worn by the wedding party should their attire not meet our requirements. Failure to comply with our requirements Cathedral reserves the right to cancel your wedding prior to and including the actual day of the Wedding Mass.

    Groom and groomsmen attire should consist of sport coat and slacks, suit or tuxedo.

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    Initial Interview

    The couple must schedule an appointment for their initial interview by calling the Administrative Assistant to the Clergy, at (214) 871-1362 ext. 39 Wednesday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. To reserve a wedding date and time, the couple must provide a $ 300.00 non-refundable deposit.

    The Wedding Rehearsal

    Rosario (Chayo) Ruiz, the Liturgical Coordinator will conduct the wedding rehearsal. The Pastoral Administrative Assistant will schedule the rehearsal date and time once the couple has scheduled the wedding date and time.


    While the presider can read all the prayers and scripture readings if necessary, we encourage you to have family members or friends serve as lectors. Care should be taken that those selected have reasonable reading voices and understanding of Scripture, so they may proclaim the Word of the Lord with understanding and expression.

    Ushers are also to be chosen from among close friends or relatives. They should be hospitable in welcoming and seating the guests and performing other tasks as needed.

    A ring bearer and flower girl may be included in the ceremony, but it is best not to force a reluctant child to participate. No flower petals, paper hearts, etc. may be strewn down the center aisle or any other part of the church.

    Any visit to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, if chosen by the couple, will take place after Communion.

    Although the Unity Candle is a popular American custom, we do not recommend it.

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    To make arrangements for wedding music, contact Juan Medrano (Spanish Weddings) 214-883-6386,; Carol Anne Taylor (English/Bilingual Weddings) 214-507-1297, No arrangements for wedding music should be made before consulting with Juan or Carol Anne.

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    Catholic parties should receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during regular confession hours: Saturdays from 4:00 to 4:45 p.m. and from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. No confessions will be heard during rehearsals.

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    Please treat Cathedral facilities with the respect one would treat his own home and possessions by cleaning any areas used for the preparation of the wedding. All areas must be cleaned by the wedding party so they may be presentable for the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses. Beverages, smoking and gum chewing are not allowed in the church at any time.

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    FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (Dr. Delphinium, speak with Melody: 214-522-9911)

  • Only fresh flowers may be used; no artificial flowers are allowed.
  • Flowers may be placed in the sanctuary area, but they should not impede the movement of the priest, deacon, servers or wedding party.
  • No tacks, pins, tape, nails, or glue shall be used to fasten any decoration to the furniture or walls.
  • Decorators are not allowed into the sanctuary more than one half hour before the ceremony.
  • Florists must remove their candelabra and other equipment no later than 15 minutes after the end of the ceremony. This will allow ample time for the next wedding party to decorate.
  • Even dripless candles can drip; therefore, the florist must place sufficient cloth or plastic material under each candelabrum to catch any spilled wax.
  • For safety reasons, aisle candles, aisle candelabra, or aisle hurricane lamps are not permitted.
  • Runners are not permitted.
  • No rice, birdseed, flowers or confetti can be handed out or thrown inside the church, or outside the church.
  • Arches are not recommended, but if they are used can be placed only near the entrance to the church.
  • The unity candle is not recommended.
  • The couple is asked to leave two floral arrangements in the church as a donation to our Sunday services.

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    1. Since the wedding ceremony is a religious service, photographers are asked to show proper respect for the ceremony and the place.
    2. Photographs taken in church prior to the wedding should cease 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. Pictures may also be taken outside.
    3. During the ceremony itself, the photographer/videographer must remain outside the sanctuary (elevated area), and cause as little distraction as possible in the taking of any pictures or video. It is prohibited to enter the sanctuary for any video or pictures.
    4. The photographer should ensure that no noise is involved in the making of time exposures, changing of film, etc. during the ceremony, especially during solemn moments.
    5. The wedding party may reassemble on the sanctuary steps after the ceremony and pose again for any parts of the ceremony. This should not last longer than 15 minutes.
    6. Care should be taken not to mar furniture by standing or placing equipment on the pews or other furnishings in the church. The photographer will be held responsible for any damage caused.
    7. Video or audio equipment is permitted from discreet positions in the back of the church or in a stationary position in the Cathedral to avoid being a distraction from the holy occasion. No photographs or videos may be taken from the Choir Loft. No lamps are permitted on video equipment.
    8. If family members or friends wish to take pictures during the wedding, they must remain in their pews.

    For more information call the church office 214.871.1362

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    BODAS EN COMUNIDAD / Community Weddings


    Community Weddings currently only available in Spanish. For more information contact Deacon Leo Cortinas at 469-329-6225,

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