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Marriage Information

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with you in preparing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage at the Cathedral.

Your decision to have your wedding in the Catholic church is a sign that you believe that your life together will depend on the blessings and help of God. We know that preparing for a wedding involves a great deal of planning and coordination and expense. It is a family celebration and a special moment to be shared with friends. Our commitment is to do all possible to assure that your wedding is exactly as you wish. This brochure will outline for you the requirements and guidelines for celebrating your Marriage in Cathedral Guadalupe. We join you in praying that God will bless your love and draw you closer together as you prepare for this important day in your life together.

As you plan your wedding, please make note of the following requirements:

Schedule your Wedding

Cathedral staff members are able to help you determine if a date is free on the calendar. The reservation of the date and time for your wedding is made at a personal meeting with one of the priests or deacons of the cathedral. Dates are not set over the phone. It is a rule of the Diocese of Dallas that the wedding date must be at least six months after this first meeting.

The bride and groom must be free to marry in the Catholic church. If either person has been previously married, no date may be set until their freedom to marry has been determined.

Dates and times are scheduled on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Ordinarily, weddings are celebrated on Saturday, beginning at 1 pm OR 3 pm. Other days and times can be arranged, if the church is available. A rehearsal time will also be set when the date is set. Usually, the rehearsal is on Friday evening before the wedding day.

The Rector, the Assistant Priest, or one of the Deacons of our parish will witness your marriage. A relative or friend who is a priest or deacon is welcome to celebrate your wedding if you wish.

Preparation Programs

Celebrating your marriage in the Catholic church will involve making a life-long commitment to each other. In order to help you reflect on the serious nature of this joining of your lives, you will be required to complete these programs:

FOCCUS The couple completes a survey, and their answers are compared by a computer program. You will discover the areas in which your relationship is strong, and perhaps areas of your life together that need to be discussed.

SPONSOR COUPLE You will be put in contact with a trained couple from our parish, who will meet with you several times to lead you in a discussion of your future life as a married couple. Contact the parish Director of Marriage Ministry to arrange for the FOCCUS and Sponsor Couple.

The certificate you receive upon completing the Sponsor Couple program can be used to receive your civil Marriage License at a discounted rate.

Documents Needed

  1. Baptismal Certificate. Each Catholic must present a newly issued copy of their Baptismal Certificate (issued within the past six months). A copy is obtained from the church in which you were baptized. A photocopy may not be accepted.
  2. Prenuptial Questionnaire. After the Baptismal certificate has been received, this form is completed with the Director of Marriage Ministry.
  3. Affidavit of Freedom. This form is completed for each person getting married, giving testimony that the person is free to enter into marriage at this time. It is completed by a parent or by someone who has known you since you were fourteen years of age.
  4. Marriage License. A Marriage License is required by the State of Texas. It may be obtained at the Records Building, 509 Main Street, Room 201. 214-653-7559 or 214-653-7131. Please Note: In the state of Texas, the license is valid for only ninety days from the day it is issued, and it cannot be used for three days without paying for a special court order. The reli-gious ceremony is also the civil ceremony, so there is no wedding before a justice of the peace or other official.

The Wedding Ceremony

To assist you in planning your wedding ceremony you will be given a copy of Together for Life. This book contains the Scrip-ture readings that you may use to personalize your ceremony. You may invite relatives or friends to read at your wedding.


Contact the parish staff member responsible for music to arrange an appointment to plan the music for your wedding. The songs and music selected must be in keeping with the religious nature of your wedding.

Decorating the Church

All floral decorations must be live flowers. No arrangements may be placed on the Altar itself. All flowers used in the church for your wedding are expected to be left at the church for the weekend Masses. Pew bows may be used, but no tape or wire should be used (ribbons or snail clips are permitted). Candelabras may be used, but dripless candles should be used to prevent damage to the floors and a cloth or plastic sheet placed under. Optional customs, such as Unity Candle, Arras, Lasso, presenting flowers to the Virgin are permitted.

Wedding Rehearsal

The cathedr al Liturgical Coordinator will contact you to discuss the ceremony and will conduct the rehearsal and assist in assuring that all are prepared to take part in your ceremony.


It is important to preserve the memories of this unique day, and so, photographs and videos may be taken during the ceremony. It is important that the photographer and videographer not be a distraction to the bride and groom or the guests. No flash pictures are allowed after the bride and groom come to the Altar, and no spotlights may be used during the wedding. They are also asked to be discreet when moving about during the ceremony. No one is allowed to enter the Altar area during the ceremony. After the wedding, group pictures may be taken at the Altar.

Rice, Bubbles, Petals, Confetti, Birdseed

These items are not permitted to be used within the church building.


The following fees apply to all weddings at the Cathedral.

CHURCH USE: Parishioners $ 800, Guests to the cathedral $1,000.
DEPOSIT: Within 7 days of reserving a date a deposit of $300 is required to assure that date and time is yours.

ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: fees arranged with Organist


Director of Marriage Ministry
Juanita Gonzales, 469-329-6239,

Chris Johnson, 254-733-5316,
Juan Medrano, 469-329-6261,,

Wedding Liturgical Coordinator
Chayo Ruiz,

BODAS EN COMUNIDAD / Community Weddings


Community Weddings currently only available in Spanish. For more information contact the parish office.

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